Domain Features & Included Services

Every domain registration comes with a list of valuable FREE services and our 24/7 Support!

Advanced DNS administration

With our solid and dependable advanced DNS administration, changing records for your domain is easy!

When a domain name is typed into your browser, the DNS records are accessed to display the files (i.e. your website) stored on the web host's servers. Our Online Control Panel allows for trouble-free management to add, edit and delete DNS records at no extra cost.

If you have domains registered through a different company and they do not allow management of DNS records, you have the option to handle the DNS through us at no extra cost. Simply point the domain to our nameservers and begin adding your advanced DNS records.

"Domain reserved" page

If you are reserving your domain name or simply need a placeholder while your website is being built, you can select this option.

We maintain the free Domain Reserved page for your convenience. We have found it to be useful if you will be working on your website but it is not ready to go live or just to use as a simple placeholder for the domain name to stake your place on the World Wide Web.

URL forwarding / FrameForwarding

URL and Frame Forwarding help maintain a professional image by forwarding to outside destinations with your domain name. No longer include lengthy web addresses with files names that are difficult to remember—allow your users to type in your domain name to view your website in no time!

  • URL Forwarding

    In short, when a user types in one domain name for a web site and is then redirected to another website. In the browser window, the destination address is displayed.

    User types in: which has a URL Forward to but within the web browser, the destination address is displayed.

  • Frame Forwarding

    When someone types in "" they will be forwarded to an outside destination URL of your choice but they will still see the domain name in the browser window. We also allow the usage of description, keywords, and title, which are important to include with in the event a search engine "spider" or "bot" comes to the site; it will recognize the categories to help it determine what the site is for.

Multiple email forwarding addresses

Keep communication easy with our free multiple email forwarding service. Create one manageable email address to forward messages to various locations.

An email forward is also known as an email alias. Email which arrives to an email forward such as is instantly forwarded to the destinations of your choice. The sender will not know that the email is being forwarded. For example:

Email Forward Address Forwarded To ->

This option is often used to create several email address which ultimately forward to the same or different destinations (up to 15 per multiple email forward). A company might use email forwards such as,, and, all of which would forward to the appropriate employees mailboxes.

One-page website

Create your own One Page Website at no extra charge. Include your own image and personalize the color scheme as well as adding your own text to give users an idea of what you're all about!

Customize your own one page website with our easy-to-use builder. Use as an online business card, graduation announcement, birthday wishes, and so much more! Upload your own image, choose the background and font colors, and input your own text. For advanced users, we do allow HTML usage up to 25KB.

Control panel

Powerful Control Panel

Our online control panel provides for hassle-free management of:

  • Contact information
  • Nameservers and DNS records
  • Domain security
  • Billing activity
  • Renewal notice delivery; you decide if you wish to receive paper renewal notices, or if you wish to receive notification by email only
  • Private Domain Registration to hide your personal email address from WhoIs queries
  • Email filters for your email forwarding

Site statistics

Web site traffic is essential to a thriving business; therefore we include free site statistics with each free Value Added Service. If someone accesses your domain, their single visit is referred to as a "hit". In most cases, the number of hits is an estimate of the number of unique visitors to your domain.

Registrar Lock

Prevent changes to your domain owner/administrator information, unauthorized transfers or nameserver changes.

Renewal notice delivery

You decide if you wish to receive paper renewal notices, or if you wish to receive notification by email only.

24/7 World Class Customer Support

You can feel secure in knowing that help is just a phone call, email or chat support away! Located in San Diego, CA, United States, our Customer Service Department is specially trained to solve issues associated with your domain or hosting services. Our in-house support adds the benefit of immediate access to the engineering and management team intended for any escalated issues.

Our personable Customer Service Department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Check out our Support page for our current Support Stats.